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Wusthof Super Slicer review: 10 inch Long Slender Roast Knife

Wusthof Super Slicer

Do you suck at curving the thanksgiving turkey and are afraid of hosting the dinner at your place? Well, those days are over as you have the Wusthof Classic 10 Slicer Roast Knife to assist you!

When I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey servings were a disaster. Even though I used my mother’s recipe, nobody could enjoy a useful piece as I butchered the bird so badly!

And that’s how I learned the necessity of having the most ergonomic roast slicer knife!

So if you are looking for the exact same thing, you’ve come to the right place! I can tell you everything you need to know about this knife so you can enjoy eating a delicious bird without ruining it!

Wusthof Classic 10 Slicer

ParticularWusthof Classic 10 Slicer
Knife ConstructionFull Tang, Forged
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Blade EdgeSlicing Knife
HandlesPolypropylene, Triple-riveted, Full-Bolster
ColorBlack, Stainless steel
Blade Size10-inch
Suitable ForSlicing

WÜSTHOF Classic 10-inch Super Slicer Roast Knife Overview

This 10-inch slender roast knife comes with a sturdy construction yet amazingly flexible so that you can cut the trickiest part of the meat using a few graceful motions.

Moreover, it’s not just for slicing birds only; you can carve delicate vegetables such as tomatoes too!

As we don’t use this type of knife every day in the kitchen, they should come with easy maintenance because who has the time to treat them like a baby!

WÜSTHOF Classic 10 Super Slicer Roast Knife | 10" Long Slender Roast Knife | Precision Forged High-Carbon Stainless Steel German Made Kitchen Knife – Model

Therefore, this knife is made to be remarkably damage-resistant and designed to serve you for a long time!

The Wusthof Cutlery is renowned for making great kitchen knives for centuries, and this one is not an exception. But before we proceed further, let me tell you about the advantage and disadvantages you will get with this knife!


  • Robustly made with HC stainless steel
  • Full tang construction for the utmost balance
  • Ergonomic triple-riveted handle with full bolster
  • 10-inch super sharp blade with outstanding flexibility
  • Corrosion and dull-resistant


  • Not dishwasher-friendly

My Opinion on the WÜSTHOF Classic 10″ Super Slicer Roast Knife

The WÜSTHOF Classic 10″ Super Slicer Roast Knife is an exceptional kitchen tool that stands out in every aspect. Here’s why I think it’s a top-notch choice for any culinary enthusiast:

Sharpness: The knife’s sharpness is outstanding. Right out of the box, it effortlessly glides through meats, breads, and even delicate items like tomatoes, offering precise and clean cuts every time. Its edge retention is also impressive, ensuring long-lasting sharpness with minimal maintenance.

Quality: WÜSTHOF is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, and this knife is no exception. The blade is forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to stains and corrosion. The handle is made from a durable synthetic material that feels comfortable and secure in hand.

Size: At 10 inches, the blade length is perfect for slicing large roasts, hams, and other substantial cuts of meat. It provides ample length to make long, smooth slicing motions, reducing the need for multiple strokes and ensuring even slices.

Balance: The knife’s balance is superb, thanks to its full tang construction and well-designed bolster. This balance makes it easy to control, reducing fatigue during prolonged use and enhancing overall cutting efficiency.

Performance: In terms of performance, the WÜSTHOF Super Slicer Roast Knife excels across the board. Whether you’re slicing through a crusty loaf of bread or a juicy roast, it performs flawlessly. The serrated edge tackles tough exteriors without crushing the soft interior, making it versatile for a wide range of slicing tasks.

Overall, the WÜSTHOF Classic Slicer Roast Knife is an excellent investment for anyone serious about their kitchen tools. Its sharpness, quality, size, balance, and performance make it a standout choice that delivers exceptional results every time.

Wusthof Super Slicer review

WÜSTHOF Classic 10 Super Slicer Roast Knife | 10" Long Slender Roast Knife | Precision Forged High-Carbon Stainless Steel German Made Kitchen Knife – Model

As you will spend your hard-earned money on this knife, you need to have explicit knowledge about this knife’s features. So to help you with that, I am going to review every element in detail.

After you finish reading this article, you will be an expert on this knife for sure!

Knife Construction:

This knife’s full tang construction provides the ultimate sturdiness you need to use a long blade with ease. This knife is exceptionally flexible; hence you don’t have to use any tricky movement to curve any ingredient.

Despite having a full bolster for better safety, the handle is designed with a finger guard to ensure a safe user environment. So if you don’t have any experience with a slicer before, you can start with this user-friendly tool for an optimal experience.

Blade Material:

The blade of this knife is forged from high carbon single-piece stainless steel so you can enjoy a long-lasting service. It is constructed with robustness to keep it well-balanced while carving.

Moreover, the long blade is outstandingly sleek and flexible; hence, you can cut anything with your wrists’ simple movements.

In addition to that, this blade is remarkably corrosion and dull-defiant, which makes them perfect for both occasional and regular use.

Blade Edge:

This blade comes with a typical slicer edge but has some unique qualities that make it exceptional from the others. It is constructed with Precision Edge Technology which makes it 20% sharper than any regular blade!

Additionally, it is designed with excellent edge retention to save you the trouble of sharpening it every day. This blade has a rounded tip so you can slice bigger roasts with tremendous ease.

You can also use this to slice bread or tomatoes if you want! The scalloped edge allows you to cut perfect slices no matter how low your knife skills are!

Furthermore, it is tempered to a 58 Rockwell hardness to provide extraordinary service to its user.


The handle of this knife is one of its best features! It is made with comfortable polypropylene so you can hold it with the utmost ease. You can work with this knife for hours and slice tough meats carefully without getting tired!

This triple-riveted handle ensures the safest working environment for you and provides much-needed resilience. Moreover, the full bolster handle makes it well-balanced for you, and it has finger guards to keep you safe from disasters in the kitchen.

The handle of this roast slicer ensures a secure grip every time you attempt to carve something, which is the best quality, to be honest!


This knife comes with a classic black, stainless steel color combination that goes with every kitchen environment. Additionally, it looks aesthetically pleasing, and you will be satisfied with its unique design.

Blade Size:

The long blade of this knife comes in a 10-inch size so you can cut everything very smoothly. The smart design and size of this blade allow you to carve birds of any size and cut perfect slices every time!

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are passionate about cooking and eating food, this roast slicer is a must-have in your collection. It comes with tons of user-friendly features and offers excellent service. On top of everything, this knife doesn’t cost a fortune, which is impressive!

So to keep your meat slices perfect and intact, you can get this excellent knife for a better experience.

You can pick any review online; you will see only positive reviews about this knife thanks to its fantastic service. It mostly gets 4.3-5 star reviews, and it deserves those praises for sure!

Final Verdict

One drawback we found about this slicer is that it’s not dishwasher safe, and you have to hand-wash it only. However, I don’t think it’s disappointing. You always have to wash knives with your hands to maintain their optimum condition.

And now that you’ve learned everything about this excellent WÜSTHOF Classic 10 Super Slicer Roast Knife, hopefully, you will get one to make your cutlery collection well-organized!

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