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Different Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses

Types of Kitchen Knives

There are various types of kitchen knives used for different types of purposes. To make a perfect cut you must not be confused about using the right knife.

Knowing about different knives will help you avoid Injuries while cutting. This knowledge will help you to work faster and effortlessly in the kitchen. To get the best output in your kitchen, you must learn about different knives.

So let’s not get confused about using a different set of knives for specified purposes. We are mentioning the different knives that are commonly used in the kitchen.

Different parts of a knife

To work with the best knife for a significant task, you should know about the different parts of a knife. We are going to highlight the different parts of a knife and their functions

Point: Point of the blade is situated at the very end which is sharpened to pierce through the food surface.

Blade: This part is used for cutting and is made out of different materials such as steel, ceramic, etc.

Edge: This part of the blade is sharpened and used for cutting works. The edge of the different knives is sharpened in different ways.

Tip: Tip is located beneath the point and it is the front part of a knife’s edge. This part of the knife is used to make delicate cuts.

Spine: This portion of the knife is located on the upper side and is unsharpened. A thick spine makes the blade stronger and provides more balance to a knife.

Heel: Heel is the lower edge of the blade that stays farthest from the tip of the knife. It is located next to the bolster and is the longest part of a blade. This part is used to cut through thick or tough food items.

Tang: Tang connects the edge of the blade with the handle of the knife. This part of a knife maintains the balance, stability, weight, and strength of a knife.

Handle: Handle is also known as scales and is grasped by hand while using it for cutting. It is used with different materials and designs to create a good grasp.

Bolster: Bolster is an area that is located between the blade and it is raised. The small space between hand and blade stops the finger to slip into the blade. It also keeps the balance of a knife by providing extra weight.

Handle Fastener: This part is also known as rivets and it attaches the handle with the tang.

Butt: This part is located at the end of the handle or bottom of the knife.

Types of Kitchen Knives

Dozens of kitchen knives are used for many different purposes. These knives are used for dedicated purposes such as cutting bread, fish, and many more.

We are mentioning the most popular kitchen knives that are used regularly in the kitchen. These knives are used by professionals and home cooks as well.

Chef’s knife

The chef’s knife is a versatile tool that is used in everyday cooking at home and in restaurants. These knives are normally 8 to 10 inches long and some are rarely  6  or 18 inches long. A chef’s knife is an ideal tool for slicing food items in the kitchen in different ways.

Paring knife

Paring knives are smaller in size and used for performing smaller cuts. These knives are not usually used for cutting any hard items. You should apply a small amount of force to cut with this kind of knife. This knife can perform peeling, mincing, and detailed cutting with perfection.

Boning knife

Remove different types of animal meat from the bone with this knife. The thinnest part of the knife can work through the curves and bones to cut meat effectively. Remember that boing knives must not be used to cut through the bones.

Bread knife

Bread knives are commonly used in breakfast in every house around the globe. The bread knife is designed in a way to cut through the bread with Its serrated edge. This knife allows you to slice bread without tearing the loaf apart.

Cheese knife

Cheese knives include holes in them to avoid getting soft sticky cheese in them. The surface of the cheese does not get any contact with the cheese because of the holes. Remember that hard cheese may require a sharper knife while cutting. Don’t mistake read the 10 best cheese knife reviews for the cheese cutting. 

Tomato knife

Tomato skin is vulnerable to tearing which is why it is hard to slice it with a knife. You don’t need to apply much pressure to slice through a tomato.


Cleavers are commonly used to cut through the bones and these knives are heavy. You can easily cut through the bones due to weight and size.

These knives are a common tool in restaurants and are not used in regular home kitchens. You can precisely cut through the bones and meat.

Mincing knife

 Mincing knives are curve-shaped and you can hold them with both hands. Make back and forth movement with this knife to cut through the vegetables. Use minimum effort to cut your vegetables into small pieces with this knife.

Santoku Knife

Santoku knife is a Japanese version of a chef’s knife that follows the style of the Western chef’s knife. This knife is shorter in size, thinner, and preferred by smaller or lighter knife users.  

Santoku is also known as three virtues that include slicing, dicing, and mincing. This knife is capable of doing every task of a typical chef’s knife. 

This blade is not capable of rocking on the cutting board due to having a flat blade. It’s an ideal knife for cutting small slices of vegetables.

Some santoku offers a hollow edge and these knives are capable to cut through meat, fish, etc.

How to Keeping Your Knives Sharp

A shiny and sharpened knife is more effective as a cutting tool for your kitchen work. Sharpen your knives regularly to get the best output while cutting. Use sharpening tools to keep your blades in top condition and make the cutting work effortless.

Store knives with care to create a  longer lifespan for the cutting tools. Keeping them in the sink, dishwasher, and damp places can form rust on them. Use a dry knife block or magnetic knife storage

If you are working at a restaurant then you can prepare food with a professional chef’s knife set. It will minimize your work effort and increase the quality of your food preparation. After knowing about different kitchen knives and their uses you can work in the kitchen at ease.

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