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Best Black Friday Deals on Knife Sets in 2024

Black Friday Deals on Knife Sets

Your kitchen is the center of your home. It’s where you spend time with your family and share moments that will last a lifetime. The right tools can make cooking easier, more enjoyable and result in better tasting food. When it comes to knives, quality should never be compromised for the price!

If you are looking for some of the best deals on knife sets this Black Friday, then look no further. You can find a set that will suit your needs and your budget with this list. From inexpensive to high-end quality, there is something for everyone! A great gift idea too!

Quick View Black Friday and Cyber monday Knives set Deals 2024

    Top 5 Knife Sets Brand

    A knife is a tool that can be used for a variety of jobs in the kitchen. A good quality knife will help with food preparation and safety, but which brands should you buy? There are many types of knives available on the market, but not all of them are worth your time or money. With so much information out there about the best brands for knives it’s hard to know what to believe.

    This blog post reviews 5 top-rated brands and recommends two as the best options for most people: Wüsthof and JA Henckels. For those who want more detailed information we also include an informative video that compares different brands. Happy cooking!

    1. Zwilling JA Henckels

    Zwilling JA Henckels is one of the most expensive brands on this list with an average online price of $500.00.  However, they are currently running a promotion for 30% off knives sets (see links below) and free shipping over $99.  This means that you can get a 7-piece set for under $200.00.

    They offer very high-quality knives made in Germany that will last years if properly maintained by hand washing and storing in knife blocks or knife bags. The handle design is ergonomic and is both comfortable to use and non-slip even when working with wet ingredients like dough or meat which you often do in the kitchen.

    They also offer great customer service, especially if you sign up for their email list. Scroll down below the video to see links for this promotion, plus a few other best deal options.

    If you are looking for a cheaper set made in Germany, Henckels also offers an 8-piece starter set on Amazon for about $90.00 (normally over $200).

    The Zwilling J.A. Henckels International Classic 8-Piece Bamboo Knife Block Set includes an eight-inch cook’s knife, five-inch utility knife, three four and one half inch paper inch, peeler, six boning/fillet knife, eight steak knives that are serrated on only one side making them ideal for cutting cooked meats.

    They are stamped from one solid piece of chrome vanadium steel and have a full tang for balance.

    2. Wüsthof

    Wüsthof is another high-end brand that specializes in German manufacturing. They offer a wide variety of knives, including kitchen essentials like chef’s, bread, paring, and carving knives which are great for both everyday use and special occasions.

    The Gourmet 15-Piece Knife Set even comes with steak/bread knives!  The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and they have an excellent warranty policy. If you do run into any problems Wusthof is very helpful in resolving the situation.

    They also offer affordable sets on Amazon with free shipping over $50 (see links below).   Click here to see all our recommended deals for Wüsthof knife sets including their most promotion offering 50% off select Wusthof knife sets.

    3. Cangshan

    Cangshan is a new brand to the market but quickly gaining popularity due to its high quality and affordable price point.  This gem of a knife set comes with a beautiful bamboo block, which you will love or hate. 

    The blocks are very space-efficient but do require some countertop space just like most other options on this list. They offer a great customer service experience including being easy to contact through email or phone.

    Click here for the best deal we have found thus far!   Overall they perform well, hold an edge longer than most knives, and can be used not only in home kitchens but also in commercial settings.

    These knives are made in China, so if that’s a concern for you don’t buy them. Click here to see all our recommended deals for Cangshan knife sets including their most recent promotion offering 50% off select Cangshan knife sets.

    4. Dalstrong

    Dalstrong knives are made in Japan and offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.  They also perform well, hold an edge longer than most other knives, and can be used not only in home kitchens but also in commercial settings.

    The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and have a great grip. They come with a beautiful storage block that will look nice on your countertop. 

    All of this comes at an affordable price point making them great for people who want high quality but don’t want to break the bank. Click here for all our recommended deals for Dalstrong knife sets including their current promotion offering 50% off select Dalstrong knife sets.


    Global is probably the most well-known brand of high-end knives. They are made in Japan and have exceptional quality control.  If you are looking for something more than an average knife set you can’t go wrong with Global, especially considering they are on sale at Amazon on both the 6 pieces pictured below as well as their 7 piece set.

    Click here to see all our recommended deals for Global knife sets including their current promotion offering 50% off select Global knife sets.

    Wusthof and JA Henckels are both extremely well-known brands that specialize in German made knives. They have solid customer service, offer a large variety of quality products, and have been around since the 1800s.

    In regards to Wusthof, they offer high-end lines as well as budget-friendly options on Amazon with free shipping over $50. Click here to check out the best deal we could find on a starter set from Wusthof! If you want something more affordable you can also check out this 8-piece set which currently has a special

    Common Questions About Black Friday Deals on Knife Sets

    When do Black Friday deals on knife sets start?

    Black Friday deals typically start on the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States. However, many retailers begin offering discounts a week or more in advance, and some extend their sales through Cyber Monday and beyond.

    What types of knife sets are usually on sale during Black Friday?

    You can find a wide range of knife sets on sale during Black Friday, including chef’s knife sets, steak knife sets, utility knife sets, and complete kitchen knife block sets. Both high-end brands and more budget-friendly options often offer significant discounts.

    How much can I expect to save on knife sets during Black Friday?

    Savings on knife sets during Black Friday can vary widely. Discounts can range from 20% to 70%, depending on the brand, set type, and retailer. High-end knife sets may offer smaller percentage discounts but still result in substantial savings due to their higher original prices.

    Are Black Friday knife set deals available online, or do I need to shop in-store?

    Most Black Friday deals on knife sets are available both online and in-store. Major retailers often provide the same discounts on their websites, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home. Some exclusive deals, however, may be available only in-store or online.

    What brands of knife sets are commonly discounted during Black Friday?

    Popular brands like Wüsthof, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Shun, Victorinox, and Cuisinart frequently offer Black Friday discounts. It’s worth checking both specialty kitchen stores and general retailers for the best deals.

    How can I find the best Black Friday deals on knife sets?

    To find the best Black Friday deals on knife sets:
    >> Start by researching prices ahead of time to know the usual cost.
    >> Sign up for newsletters from your favorite retailers to receive early notifications of sales.
    >> Use price comparison websites and apps to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
    >> Check online forums, deal websites, and cookhouseidea.com website where users share information about the best deals they’ve found.

    Is it worth waiting until Cyber Monday for better deals on knife sets?

    Cyber Monday, the Monday following Black Friday, often features additional deals, particularly online. Some retailers might offer further discounts or different promotions on Cyber Monday. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on Black Friday, it’s worth checking again on Cyber Monday.

    Can I return a knife set purchased during Black Friday if I change my mind?

    Return policies vary by retailer, but many stores offer extended return periods during the holiday season. It’s important to check the return policy before making a purchase to ensure you can return or exchange the knife set if necessary.

    Are there any safety tips for shopping for knife sets during Black Friday?

    When shopping for knife sets during Black Friday:
    >> Be cautious of crowded stores if shopping in-person to avoid accidents.
    >> When purchasing online, ensure the website is reputable and secure to protect your payment information.
    >> Verify that the knife set you’re buying is authentic and meets safety standards.

    What should I look for in a quality knife set during Black Friday sales?

    When choosing a knife set, consider the following:
    >> Blade material (e.g., high-carbon stainless steel for durability and sharpness).
    >> Handle comfort and material.
    >> The range of knives included (e.g., chef’s knife, paring knife, utility knife).
    >> Reviews and ratings from other buyers.
    >> The brand’s reputation and warranty.

    What should I look for in a quality knife set during Black Friday?

    When shopping for a knife set, consider the following:
    Material: High-carbon stainless steel blades are durable and maintain sharpness.
    Construction: Full tang knives (where the blade extends through the handle) offer better balance and durability.
    Variety: A good set typically includes essential knives like a chef’s knife, paring knife, utility knife, and bread knife.
    Warranty: Look for brands that offer a warranty on their products.

    Are Black Friday deals on knife sets really worth it?

    Yes, Black Friday deals can offer significant savings on high-quality knife sets. It’s one of the best times of the year to purchase kitchenware due to the deep discounts provided by retailers.

    How can I make sure I’m getting a good deal on a knife set?

    Research Prices: Check prices before Black Friday to understand the regular price range.
    Read Reviews: Look at customer reviews to ensure the set meets your quality expectations.
    Compare Deals: Compare deals across multiple retailers to find the best price.

    Do Black Friday deals on knife sets come with any additional perks?

    Some deals might include extra perks such as free sharpening services, additional accessories, or extended warranties. Always check the details of the promotion to see if there are any added benefits.


    I hope you found all of the information about these knife sets and their prices helpful. If so, please share this blog post with your friends on social media or by email to help them find some great deals too!

    And don’t forget that we also have a selection of other cooking supplies available for purchase at our black Friday sale event. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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