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10 Best Katana Under 500

best katana under 500

Japan is well known to the world for its divergent history in martial art and respective weapons. I mean, who is not aware of Samurai through Japanese Anime? When the world was busy shaping modern guns and bombs, Japan specialized in making various swords.

One of the strongest cutting swords in Japanese culture is called the katana sword. This traditional sword used to be a fundamental part of the Samurai’s uniform during the 1800s. But as history marched forward, Katana started to lose its appeal since new era weapons made their place in people’s hands.

Even though Samurai disbanded a long time ago, Japan has preserved this iconic weapon with her ministration. Although many countries have forbidden its original construction due to safety issues, people still buy it to keep a little Japan in their houses. 

This article is all about where you can get the best Katana under 500 and more.

Our Top Picks

Best sword for the money:

Samurai Katana Sword (See Price)

Perfect katana for Xmas!:

The Walking Dead Michonne Katana(See Price)

Great Katana for home defense alternative:

YJ COOL Battle Ready Real Katana Samurai Sword Set(See Price)

Best katana for beginners:

Hand Made 1095 Carbon Steel Samurai Katana Sword(See Price)

Best for recommend!:
xinan2018 Samurai Katana Japanese Sword(See Price)

Best for Halloween:

Vulcan Gear Medieval Middle Ages Sword(See Price)

Bestseller Katana sword:

Top Swords Art Sword Set(See Price)

Best katana for budget:
entez Full Handmade Katana Sword(See Price)

How to use a katana sword?

It takes a lot of practice if you want to use a katana properly.

  1. Place both of your hands on the handle. The dominant one should be on top and the weaker ones on the bottom. Keep some distance between both hands.
  2. Place the blade on a 90-degree angle with the surface. Then bring it to parallel with the ground up above your head.
  3. Give a subtle swing on the material you want to cut down.

10 Best Katana Under 500

Before suggesting all the hyped Katana in the market, you need to know when you can put the adjective “best” before a Katana. 

It is a curved cutting sword with a 60-80cm length. This single-edged sword does not have a pointy end; rather, the shape is exactly like the holder.

01. Samurai Katana Sword (Best sword for the money)

Samurai Katana Sword

This Katana from Handmade sword is what the name suggests. It is a hand-forged katana with a sharp blade and full tang. Since it is full tang, there is less chance of bending or flattening the sword out of balance while using.

It is a 1045 carbon steel Katana sword that has 0.45 percent carbon in its content. Although the carbon content is not very high, it has a tough edge, nonetheless. It is heat tempered/clay tempered, so the hardness of the sword is unquestionable.

The package includes an assembled katana sword with Saya (the blade wrapping), a katana box made of cardboard, a cotton katana bag in black. It has a sturdy Tsuka (hilt of the sword), Floral designed black sago (the cord where the sword will fit in the user’s obi), and Kashira (cap of the hilt).

This 44-inch battle-ready sword is not made of stainless steel. It is a plus and minus at the same time. Even though it will not protect against rust, the stainless steel makes swords more brittle than usual.

It can be the best Katana to buy if you are looking for an all-in-one product at an affordable price.


  • Very sharp blade
  • Lightweight use
  • Designer Saya
  • Hamon can be seen even without light


  • In a rare instance, Kashira and Saya can be a bit loose
  • Mekugi is slightly big

02. The Walking Dead Michonne Katana (Perfect katana for Xmas!)

The Walking Dead Michonne Katana

This product is dedicated to all the walking dead fans out there.  Who does not want the virtual world to come to their hand? Although this is not the real Katana prop, the replica has done a wonderful job while giving it a face. 

This 1045 carbon steel-made sword comes unsharpened. Since it fulfills all the safety criteria, you can use it in two ways: a showpiece and an actual sword (if you sharpen it from a knife shop).

The best part of this Katana is the actor’s signature, and the sword stands it promises. It has a brown leather finishing scabbard with a leather strap on the shoulder belt. This belt gives a lot of flexibility while removing the Saya. The Tsuka is also a white metal synthetic leather wrap.

This 43.1-inch blade can be used as a decorative piece and a battle-ready weapon when sharpened. The full tang blade is perfect for balancing. Since it is not made of stainless steel, there is no chance of brittleness.

If you buy this, then you are genuinely getting the best Katana under 300, all while keeping a piece of walking dead in your house.


  • It has great finishing in the case of
  • scabbard and tsuba
  • It comes with an extra sword stand
  • Shiny scratch-free blade
  • Perfect size Mekugi


  • Not the 2000 edition. But it is the second one from 5000 limited edition
  • Rarely, the blade may come uneven

03. YJ COOL Battle Ready Real Katana Samurai Sword Set (Great Katana for home defense alternative)

YJ COOL Battle Ready Real Katana Samurai Sword Set

If you are looking forward to buying a katana with some ancient vibe, then this one should be a must-have on your shelf. This 1060 carbon-made blade is tougher and heavier than the previous one.

This sword set comes with two swords with 40.5-inch and 30.7-inch. They are fully handmade, from forging to giving it a shape. The Saya and Saego are both blacks.

So, for people who fascinated to give their sword an ultimate dark look, this product is a must-have. The handle is made of delicate alloy. The tsuba is handy and flexible to use. Although it does not include a stand and box, it comes with a sword bag.

Most of the katanas have disorganized Hamon, but his one has a wavy Hamon. The Hamon itself is enough to let you know how strongly and delicately it was forged. The perfectly sharp-edged sword is a full tang. So, the sword will not bend or fall off while swishing them faster.

The sword is not rust-resistant, but they are packaged with oil smeared on them with a plastic wrapper. That is enough to give it protection from Oxygen. If you are looking for the best Katana sword, then this one can be a good choice to go with.


  • Sharp-edged blade
  • They are matching Katana and wakizashi combo
  • It comes with proper guidelines and an authentic certificate
  • The details are perfectly balanced


  • It does not come with a stand

04. DTYES Handmade Japanese Samurai Katana Sword ( Best carbon steel katana )

DTYES Handmade Japanese Samurai Katana Sword

DTYES is a major brand that has been heard by many blade lovers. They supply handmade swords in more than 220 countries with the longest sword forging history on their back. It’s not rocket science to figure out what an amazing product this can be by the description.

You can order the sword according to your preference in how hard and tough you want it to be. The katanas have 1060,1095, and T10 carbon steel made swords. The higher the carbon content, the tougher the sword. You can slice up anything you want with the T10 one.

You can also customize it according to your color choice. There is plenty of color and tsuba variation to choose from. All of the katanas are full tang. This 40.55-inch sword comes with a hardwood Saya.

This well-crafted sword comes with a synthetic silk Seago, black. The handle has a menuki and leather cord. Tsuka is made of red ray skin. So, you can consider it not only a sharp-edged sword but also a stylish one.

This sword will not work against a ninja; it is the best cheap Katana with a lot to offer.


  • Real sword vibes
  • Full-tang blade with the highest flexibility
  • Floral designed tsuba
  • Well, curved Hamon


  • It does not come with a stand
  • In rare cases, the blade may come out a little less sharp
  • The hilt may get loose sometimes

05. Hand Made 1095 Carbon Steel Samurai Katana Sword ( Best katana for beginners)

Hand Made 1095 Carbon Steel Samurai Katana Sword

If you are looking for the best Katana under 500 with very high carbon content in its steel, then this is the sword you should get your hands on. This 1095 carbon steel-made sword is an absolute favorite for blade enthusiasts. The carbon content makes it one of the toughest swords.

This 40.6-inch sword is single-edged. The sharpness is so high that you can cut a turkey with it in one go. So, of course, you have to handle it with care. It comes with its Saya, Tsuka, and Saego.

The scabbard is made of high-quality wood and horn. The Tsuka and Seago are both blood red with matching fabric. This clay-tempered Katana has a beautiful Hamon. Since the carbon content is very high, it does not need chemical enhancement to show the Hamon.

The Saya sits very well on the blade. There is a slight gap between the Saya and Seppa while the blade is inside the Saya. That 1/32-inch gap is necessary to control the temperature of the blade.

If you have not bought your first Katana yet, you will fall in love with this one. This katana sword is the absolute definition of perfection. It offers customization according to personal preference.


  • Tight and designer Saya
  • High carbon content
  • Sharp-edged blade with beautiful Hamon
  • Temperature controlled


  • It does not come with a stand
  • The customization charge is extra

06. Handmade 1045 Carbon Steel Samurai Katana Sword

Handmade 1045 Carbon Steel Samurai Katana Sword

Another true gem from a handmade sword is this Katana. It is a 1045 carbon steel, heat tempered katana. The carbon content is one of the lowest, but it still satisfies the thirst. The heat-tempered hand forged sword is very sturdy in use.

The single-edged blade is super sharp. There is a visible Hamon that gives off a classic vibe. When you have this Katana in your grip, you will be getting the ultimate Samurai or ninja feelings. That is the type of feeling when you buy the best Katana for the money.

The wooden handle is wrapped with authentic ray skin. It has a cotton cord that will provide comfort while wearing. The Saya is wooden and brown.

This 41-inch sword is a full tang. So, it is safe to say that it will not bend while using it. It does not have stainless steel in its construction that makes it brittle-free. This battle-ready, well-balanced sword is no toy for the kids.

People who practice martial art can use it as a great tool. It is solid as a rock, so you can swing or drop it without damaging either the sword or the surface. If you purchase this Katana from Handmade Sword, rest assured, it will not be your last.


  • Well-balanced sword
  • Alluring style and design
  • Tight-fitting tsuba
  • Tsuka is easy to handle


  • Damascus is very hard to be seen
  • Scarcely, the Saya may come loose

07. xinan2018 Samurai Katana Japanese Sword (Best for recommend! )

xinan2018 Samurai Katana Japanese Sword

If you are ravaging through the market for the best Katana under 200, then you have come to the right portion of the article. This Katana tops the list in so many criteria, whether it is a weapon for martial art practice, a decorative piece on the shelf, or a cutting device.

This Katana is made of T10 high carbon content steel. So, you can imagine how sharp and tough it will be. You can easily protect yourself or others from any beast while camping with it in the woods. It can also slice through paper and bamboo.

It is not only hand-forged but also hand-polished with 12 different polishing chemicals. You can see the shine of the blade even from 10 feet apart. The visible Hamon is made of high-class Damascus steel.

The stylish wooden scabbard is of quality material. The Tsuka and tsuba are all very much handy and well-balanced. Due to its full tang feature, it is also very much flexible for a swing.

The blade is smeared in oil to protect it against rust. It is indeed a great piece to buy for blade lovers.


  • Sharp-edged blade
  • It is made of Damascus steel
  • High carbon content in structure
  • Tight Saya


  • The blade may have scratches on it
  • The Tsuka may get loose
  • Does not have a blood groove

08. Vulcan Gear Medieval Middle Ages Sword (Best for Halloween )

Vulcan Gear Medieval Middle Ages Sword

If you are looking for the best Katana under 100, you may not find any. But to compensate for that, this sword has been ruling the market for a long time. Although it is not exactly what you call a katana (both in shape and function), it is still a crusader sword.

The main thing that differs this sword from Katana is that it has a pointy end. It is 42 inches if you put on the matching scabbard it comes with. But without the scabbard, it has a length of 36.5 inches. Even though the length may seem short, it gives you a better balance.

The handle and scabbard are both covered in imitation black leather. It is another product for all the black lovers out there. It has an unsharpened blade made of stainless steel. So, it is very pliable.

If you are a fan of Lord of The Rings, then this replica is just the one for you. This sword might be used as a prop, but it also has a finishing that does not let you use it as a toy either.

You may not get a combat sword out of this product, but surely it is a great buy in this Halloween season. You can easily hang it on the wall on occasion to give people a great laughable scare.


  • Great as a replica
  • Comes with a matching scabbard
  • Scratchless blade
  • Sturdy built


  • Not full tang
  • Too short for usual swords

09. Top Swords Art Sword Set ( Bestseller Katana sword )

Top Swords Art Sword Set

This one is dedicated to Kirito lovers. Surely, you know the sword sets used by him, including the Elucidator and Dark Repulsor. This product is coming in a combo for them.

Both are 41 inches long swords with an unsharpened edge. Although the carbon steel content is very high, it can be used as a great cosplay piece. The Elucidator has everything in wooden finishing, from the scabbard to the handle. All in black, as shown in the video game.

On the other hand, the Dark Repulsor is aqua in color with a perpendicular guard in the same color. It is the half tang, whereas the Elucidator is ¾ tang. The Dark Repulsor also comes with a wooden scabbard and handle.

Both of them are amazing as a replica of the original Kirito one. These are not made of stainless steel, so that saves fragility. The high carbon content promises both flexibility and durability for the swords.

If you are looking for something to hang on your wall that reflects on your video gaming personality, then you can check this out without hesitation.


  • Wooden handle and scabbard
  • Comes in a complete duo
  • The length is perfectly well balanced with the handle and guard
  • The carbon steel is durable


  • In rare cases, the aqua paint may have one or two scratches
  • Scarcely, you may find stainless steel instead of carbon, but they have an amazing return policy

10. entez Full Handmade Katana Sword ( Best katana for budget )

entez Full Handmade Katana Sword

As they say, the best one should be saved for the last. So, here goes the highest carbon steel blade containing Katana of them all. It has 1095 carbon steel in it.

This full tang sword is an absolute favorite for all the blade enthusiasts out there. If you are looking for the best Katana under 400, then this battle-ready Katana is just for you. It is made of Damascus steel that creates a beautiful Hamon due to Heat/clay tempering.

This 40.55 inches sword has tsuba and Kosher, all made of black iron. The Seppa and Tsuka are made of pure copper. So, no worries about discoloration. From forging, to polishing, to quenching, everything is handmade in this sword.

This sturdy and tight-fitting sword comes in all sharpness. The Seago is a beautiful blue silk cord that fits the obi.

This Katana is even more beautiful in real than the description says.


  • Tight-fitting
  • Highest carbon steel making it flexible
  • Beautiful Saego, Tsuka, Tsuba
  • No chance of discoloration


  • In rare cases, you may find rust at the tip of the blade

Things to Remember Before Buying a Katana

The best Katana is a sensitive buy. You have to buy an authentic one at an affordable one.  There are certain things you need to keep in mind to reach that goal. 

Many companies may seem to sell a good one, but people get stuck with the most complaints after buying. So, it is only smarter to check the product and preferable criteria before buying. 


Most of the blade that comes with Katana is unsharpened due to safety purposes. You can get it sharpened from a knife shop. The ones that are sharpened already are harder to handle. 

The blade has to be made of high content carbon steel. The carbon contents are generally 1045,1060,1095, T10, and more. The higher the carbon content is, the tougher the sword.

It should also be not made of stainless steel. That makes the sword even more fragile.

Battle readiness:

It depends on the full tanginess of the blade. Full tang means the blade goes all through inside the handle. Inside the Tsuka, the width is less than the blade that is on the outside. 

There are half tang and no tang swords as well. But the ones with full tang are more flexible and durable. The full tang blades are less likely to bend or fall off during usage.

The length: 

It is better to buy a sword with a length ranging from 40-42 inches. You can buy one with a shorter length, but that will only serve the decorative purpose of cutting small things.

Also, higher-length swords are what make it a katana. It is what distinguishes Katana from other Japanese swords.


Many new blade lovers do not pay heed to Hamon. It is the visual effect on the blade that determines how good the tempering was. The blade can be heat tempered or clay tempered.

If there is no visible Hamon, you have to realize that the hardening process was not as good as the product is claiming. A Hamon is the main signature for a quality blade for Katana.

The scabbard or Saya:

There are many sophisticated scabbards made of quality material. That can be wood, horn, even leather. Of course, the quality will vary according to the price. Some come with matching Saya as well. 

Make sure the Saya is well fitted and sits properly with the blade inside.

The Tsuka:

The handle or Tsuka has to be very delicate so that you can pull out the sword from the cord anytime you want. Most of the time, it is made of alloy with designed Koshiro.

Tsuka is the one that determines how beautiful a sword can get from the outside.

The Saego:

A well-fitted Saego is very much necessary. If you wear the sword with a cheap fitted cord, it may fall off and cause injury. There are many beautiful Saego that match the Katana itself. It can be tailored of cotton or silk.

Katana Sword vs. Samurai Sword

Samurais used to carry different types of swords. Among them, Katana and Samurai sword both were equally famous. But of course, just like the name, there is a difference between their features as well. Let’s find that out.

We are often habituated with the word Samurai, so naturally, we think it is the only type of sword in the Japanese weapon culture. But that is not true.

The main difference between katana and samurai swords is in length. A katana should be 24-26inches long, whereas a samurai sword should be 36 inches long. Although the modern blade builders do not pay heed to such details, the katanas are being forged with high length. 

Yet this is a major key point to differentiate them. So, here you can see a huge length difference where the samurai sword is the winner.

Again, there is a difference between how you wear the sword. A samurai sword is worn in the obi with its edge down. The Katana, on the other hand, is worn the opposite way. That is with the edge upwards.

Although there are some other subtle differences in their shapes, such as the blade curvature, handle, and Saya, if you truly want to distinguish between a katana and a samurai, these are the two main points look for.

How to make a katana sword?

Making a katana sword is not a cup of tea. It takes extremely experienced hands and amazing craftsmanship to build one with the most suitable materials. So, it is not completely possible to explain the entire process by a noob like me, but I can surely give you some bits and pieces.

The main raw material that is needed for a katana blade is a high content carbon steel. Iron sand and charcoal are used to make that. They have to be burnt in a special clay furnace (called “Tatara”) for 3-4 days. In the furnace, under heat, both of them will be mixed to produce carbon steel.

After the burning and mixing, there will be blocks of steel coming out. These steels have many impurities, so they are cleared from them. After clearing impurities, these blocks are repeatedly heated to give various shapes of the blade.

After giving shape, the blades have to be sharpened for their function.

It can be heat tempered or clay tempered. The temperament will be visible on the blade by Hamon. There is the versatility of Hamon according to the quality of steel. It means how hard and tough the steel has been forged.

FAQ about the Katana Sword

How to sharpen a katana sword?

Most of the time, Katana you buy will be unsharpened due to safety issues. You can choose a DIY sharpening process or go to a knife shop to lose some extra bucks; the preference is yours.

If you want to sharpen a katana at home, then use fine sandpaper or wet stones. If you keep working on the blade with these tools, eventually, even a blunt edge will come out sharper than ever.

Where to buy a katana sword?

Many brands, both Japanese and international, sell Katana in both physical and online stores. To buy the best Katana under 500, the products mentioned above can be a very suitable choice.

Some other brands may promise katanas at a budget-friendly cost. But most often, they are just cheap plastic with a very bad return policy.

What is the best type of Katana?

The quality of Katana depends a lot on the carbon steel it is made of. The best type of Katana has a higher carbon content without stainless steel. There are 1045,1060,1095 carbon content.

The most popular one is 1060 carbon steel. It is neither heavy like 1095 nor weak like 1045 one.


Among all the other Japanese swords, Katana is loved the most. From its beautiful curvature to the handy length, it is indeed an iconic piece. Martial art practitioners love Katana, but it is popular among blade collectors.

The Saya, Tsuka, tsuba, and Saego all make the sword a complete package. Its sharpness is not only necessary to cut down pieces; its design is also an exceptional beauty. Nowadays, even movies and animes are using it as their leverage.

To buy the first Katana (or the 100th), getting your hands on the correct product is necessary. A katana sword can be used not just for a decorative piece but also for a battle-ready one. Why get deprived of it just because you are on a budget, right?

Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions on the journey of buying the best Katana under 500.

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